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TSMR Papers

  • T1N First Steps in Freemasonry - Toronto Society for Masonic Research, The
    (a book in the GL library)
  • 1922: N.W.J. Haydon: Death, the Liberator
  • N.W.J. Haydon: Growth and Service of the Fellowcraft Degree
  • N.W.J. Haydon: Pythagoras and the Ancient Mysteries
  • 1930.09.20: J.A. Evans: Masonic Education
  • 2001: Cooper: The Oliverian Theory and Practice of Freemasonry

    Prince Hall Recognition Papers, Reports & Documents
                * Renzland: Canada Prince Hall Recognition Status Summary
                * Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters Letter to COGMINA 2005
                * Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America Report 2006
                * Grand Lodge of Connecticut Resolution on PHA Recognition 2005

    Papers, etc. by Others -- Toronto -- Ontario -- Canada

  • Nixon, Haydon: The Builder Magazine, August 1924 "Canada Issue"
  • Haydon: The Builder Magazine, February 1928
  • 1945: Clarke: Spiritual Growth Of Free Masonry
  • 1971: McLeod ?: Masonic Trivia
  • 1999: McLeod: Masonic Research, MSA-STB, 1999
  • Nelson King's Papers
  • Northrup: Brotherhood
  • Maddin: Of Politics and Religion
  • Urquhart: Cause and Effect
  • Murray: Colours in Freemasonry

    Other Papers and Talks

  • MO Masons Masonic Library
        This *WAS* a wonderful collection of papers and documents. . . .
  • Articles, Papers, Essays, Lectures -- Pietre-Stones
  • Google's Masonic Meta Library
  • National Masonic Research Society: The Builder Magazine 1915 - 1930 -- A Journal For The Masonic Student
  • Linshaw OMTP
  • Claudy's Old Tiler Talks
  • Short Talk Bulletins -- Masonic Service Association of North America
  • Cornerstone Society -- Articles and Book List
  • University of Sheffield Centre for Research into Freemasonry
  • Heredom -- Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society
  • Louisiana Lodge of Research -- papers 1989 - 2000.

  • Masonic Study Club Movement, The Future of Freemasonry, Membership statistics, Gematria, Masonic Fundamentalism
    Excellent Issue of The Builder Magazine: May, 1929
  • The Old Charges (nicely formated on GLBC web site)
    Bro. H. L. Haywood, Editor The Builder, September 1923.
  • Belief in God: A Historical Tenet of Freemasonry
    By BRO. GILBERT W. DAYNES, Associate Editor, England
  • The Roberts Constitutions of 1722
    By BRO. J. HUGO TATSCH, Associate Editor, Iowa
  • Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908 Edition: Freemasonry
  • "Digested" from Catholic Encyclopedia by California Freemason On-Line
  • WORLD-WIDE MASONRY AND ITS DESIRABILITY - By Bro. Oliver Day Street, Alabama
    THE STUDY CLUB - Chapters of Masonic History - Part IV, Freemasonry and the Roman Collegia By Bro. H.L. Haywood
    in The Builder Magazine June 1923

  • Masonic Music -- Pietre-Stones
  • Masonic Music Room
  • The Music of Freemasonry
  • Masonic Music -- Midi Files

  • Masonic Dictionary -- (Look up "clandestine")